Get Your Schedule Filled with $500K to $2M Qualified Clients.

Hit your annual goal of new clients in less than 30 days.

We help advisors across North America with effective seminar marketing.

GQ Seminars is a division of Gustin Quon Inc., a digital marketing firm based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We've cracked the code on seminar marketing for financial advisors, and are able to fill rooms in your geographic location with highly qualified prospects.

By utilizing online lead funnels, social media, SMS, email drips, and paid advertising methods, we systematically drive potential clients to your seminar event and ensure you get the best attendance rates possible.

It's a blend of digital and live event marketing, and this stuff works.

1132 Advisors Use GQ Seminars
3249 Successful Seminars Completed
24551 Requested Consults for Advisors
16 Billion Investable Assets for Advisors to Close
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  • I just got 30 consults in 3 hours of work. This was unbelievable. I highly recommend GQ Seminars!
    Yusuf Osman
    Argosy Securities Inc.
  • I was overwhelmed with client consults. I also got my first $1,500,000 client!
    Mckenzie Esposito
    Esposito Wealth Management

Watch These Reviews from Real Advisors Across North America

Nick from Utah - $1,000,000 Worth of New Clients Every Seminar!

1st Seminar, 96 attendees, 12 immediate appointments

30 Client Consults in Just One Day!

"Room Filled Beyond Capacity"

How Justin Achieved Seminar Success

How Wayne Achieved Seminar Success

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